Now Available: Opcenter APS 2304!

The latest release of the Opcenter Planning & Scheduling solution is here! Introducing: Opcenter APS 2304, from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Opcenter™ software is part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software, hardware and services. Opcenter APS is a family of production planning and scheduling products that help you synchronize your manufacturing processes. This gives you greater visibility and control to increase resource utilization and on-time delivery while reducing inventory levels and waste. Opcenter APS is a highly customizable capacity planning and scheduling package.

Opcenter APS 2304 Features:

  • Improved Make-to-Order (MTO) master production schedule (MPS) calculations
  • Workspace enhancements: Introduces planner workspaces & improves sequencer workspace options
  • Active user session logging
  • Scheduling statistics visualization report
  • Improved product-level configuration
  • Manufacturing operations management (MOM) portfolio integration compatibility

Opcenter APS 2304 Benefits:

  • Improve capacity planning scenarios for make-to-stock items
  • Extend make-to-order attributes for improved master production scheduling calculations & resource utilization
  • Improve flexibility of the user experience
  • Visualize key scheduling KPIs in a graphical chart

Version 2304 Release Highlights:

Make-to-Order (MTO) Enhancements

Opcenter MPS
As part of the capacity planning calculations, Opcenter Planning supports maketo-stock (MTS) and MTO scenarios. Enhancements in this release enable customers to extend modeling scenarios by taking into account shelf life and lead times, balancing capacity across planning groups and improving the targeted stock levels.
When running the MPS calculation, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) combines small demand orders to achieve the minimum reorder quantity, along with handling shelf life and lead time of MTO stock keeping units (SKUs).
The MPS calculation also allows you to move capacity across resources within a planning resource group. Improvements in this release enable the planning resource group to also have constraint targets at the resource level.

Workspace Enhancements

Opcenter Workspace
Users of Opcenter Scheduling and Opcenter Planning, which are Opcenter APS modules, can be used to save custom workspace files. In this release, Opcenter Planning has workspace files, allowing users to customize the screen layout and save layouts. This allows users to quickly switch between workspaces based on usage requirements.
Opcenter Scheduling workspace files are improved to allow more flexibility in the stored data, capturing information about editor filters or zoom scale settings from the Gantt chart.

Active User Session Logging

Opcenter Active User Logging
It is now possible with Opcenter APS to store user session information. This allows users to see who is accessing it and the mode in which they have access; for instance, full access versus view only. This provides more information to the end user when multiple users access a single instance of Opcenter APS.

Scheduling Statistics Report

Opcenter Scheduling Stats Report
The scheduling statistics feature allows users to quickly compare scheduling scenarios to show how many orders and/or operations are on time, late or at risk. Extending the scheduling statistics heatmap introduced in Opcenter APS 2210, new reports in this this release allow you to select and configure the information represented on the heatmap in graphical form.

MOM Portfolio Integration Compatability

Opcenter APS supports a range of integrations across the MOM portfolio. This release supports compatibility with Opcenter Execution Discrete 2301, Opcenter Execution Process 2301, Opcenter Scheduling SMT 2304 and Opcenter RD&L 2304.

Check out the full release details here:
Opcenter 2304 Full Release Notes

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Want to learn more? Opcenter APS products can be used for long-term strategic planning covering months and years, medium-term tactical planning with a few weeks planning horizon and for detailed sequencing and scheduling. Opcenter APS can be installed out of the box, and can be customized and configured where necessary.

It can be used standalone to manage planning and scheduling, and is also designed for integration with other software such as ERP, MES, Data collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE applications. Find out more about Opcenter APS.

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