Month: March 2019


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Mystery of the CRP Module

Many experts now understand that ERP systems do not have the functionality required to create a valid finite capacity schedule. But many of these experts have glossed over the severe limitations of the planning module that converts customer demand into the projected consumption of plant capacity.


APS & ERP: A Winning Combination

I would imagine that many readers of this article have been through the acquisition and implementation of one or more ERP systems. ERP vendors will confidently assert that their system will do anything and everything except maybe, make the coffee.


What’s new in Preactor APS 17.0/17.1

In Preactor AS, the Operation Properties functionality has been expanded upon, introducing the Operation Display Colors pane and the ability to create Operation Property Profiles. Created profiles can display a wide range of information, and allow for all sections of an operation bar to be modified.


Day in the Life of a Production Scheduler

Project Management (PM) software such as Microsoft® Project can be an invaluable tool for managing mid to long-term projects in industries such as construction. But this does not necessarily work across of industries although many managers have attempted (unsuccessfully) to adapt PM software to the world of production scheduling.


Win Business with the Right Scheduling Tool

This article clearly explains the importance of Scheduling which is sometimes called finite scheduling or Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and how it can be used as a competitive advantage as the world looks to faster response times.

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