Track-It! allows the scheduler to send the latest released schedule to each workstation, tablet or mobile device, ensuring everyone is following the latest schedule. This improves communication between scheduler and the shop floor while allowing operators to select their next job, enter start and end times, and quantity completed on any web enabled device.

What is Track-It?

Track-It! is a web based, shop floor data collection system that was designed and developed by LSI

Tracks Time

Track-It! tracks the time and date of each shop floor transaction


Track-It! is tightly integrated with Opcenter APS

OEE Calculations

Track-It! measures & provides accurate Overall Equipment Efficiency calculations to provide machine & fixed resource efficiency

Custom Fields

Track-It! gives the user the ability to quickly and easily create & modify custom fields that are relevant to them

Easy to Use

Track-It! is fast, simple, and easy to use. Operators can be trained in minutes

Web Enabled

Track-It! can be used on any web-enabled device

Cost Effective

Track-It! is very cost effective with one low price per plant (unlimited users)


Track-It! can be easily modified to suit the needs of each plant

Data for Reporting

Track-It! provides data for reporting and charts

Opcenter Ready

Track-It! was designed to be tightly integrated with the Opcenter Planning & Scheduling solution. It uses Opcenter's database, & the data can be easily uploaded to an ERP system

Overview of Track-It! Functionality

1. Operator sees a color-coded view showing the current status of each machine

3. Operator can move job to the next state (start setup, start run, or complete) with one click

Operator can see notes from the Scheduler, and can also easily record quantity completed and scrapped with reason code and add further notes. Operators get warning messages when they make a mistake. Supervisors can easily review the daily transactions and fix mistakes.

2. Operator selects a machine to work on (single click)

4. Record downtime

Operators can record downtime on a machine with reason. This information can be updated into Preactor.

Track-It! Field Configuration

Resource Schedule Display

Track-It! gives the user the ability to quickly & easily create and modify fields. Within the resource schedule, the user is able to see the data related to those fields that have been selected for display.

Selecting Fields

The user is able to turn their fields on/off within the configuration to change what is able to be viewed in the schedule. In this example, we have chosen to turn a few fields from the above resource schedule screenshot to the ‘off’ position.

Viewing the Change

After making selections for which fields are on/off for viewing, the changes are evident in the schedule. As you can see in this example, there are fewer fields than before because we turned many of the fields to the ‘off’ position.

Dashboards & Reporting

The Track-It! Dashboard presents many important metrics including Downtime, Resource Utilization, Scrap, Skipped Operations, Processing Time, & OEE (more about this below).

The user is then able to drill further down into the data to view real-time reports.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Track-It! measures and provides Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) calculations. OEE is the measure of how effectively the machines and fixed resources in a system are used.  It is an aggregate of three metrics:  Availability, Performance, and Quality that are then multiplied together.

  • Availability is the measure of how much of the scheduled production time was actually used.  For instance, if a resource was intended to be in use for 8 hours, but only ran for 4 hours, then its Availability would be 50%.
  • Performance is the measure of how efficiently the fixed resources were used to produce something.  For instance, if it was supposed to take 1 hour to make a part, but it actually took 2 hours, then its Performance was 50%.
  • Quality is the measure of how efficiently the material resources were used to produce something.  For instance, if there’s a scrap factor of 5% to make something, then its Quality is 95%.

Schedule Compliance

You can produce an optimized schedule that is a work of art, but if the schedule is not followed, your objectives break down quickly.   We provide a method for tracking schedule compliance that is simple, yet extremely effective.   It works like this:

  • The schedule in Track-It! shows each operation on a resource in scheduled, chronological order.
  • The start of each activity is tracked in connection with the operations surrounding it.  
  • The first operation in the list will always be the objective.
  • If the second, third or other operation is started, the selection is recorded as out of compliance.

Using this method we can track:

  • How often each operator ran an operation out of compliance
  • How often a given order was run out of compliance
  • Which operators, resources, or resource groups are most often run out of compliance.

Opcenter APS Overview

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