Track-It allows the scheduler to send the latest released schedule to each workstation, tablet or mobile device, ensuring everyone is following the latest schedule. This improves communication between scheduler and the shop floor while allowing operators to select their next job, enter start and end times, and quantity completed on any web enabled device.

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What is Track-It?

Track-IT is a web based, shop floor data collection system that was designed and developed by LSI

Tracks Time

Track-It tracks the time and date of each shop floor transaction


Track-It is tightly integrated with Preactor

Easy to Use

Track-It is fast, simple, and easy to use. Operators can be trained in minutes!

Web Enabled

Track-It can be used on any web-enabled device

Cost Effective

Track-It is very cost effective with one low price per plant (unlimited users)


Track-It can be easily modified to suit the needs of each plant

Data for Reporting

Track-It provides data for reporting and charts

Preactor Ready

Track-It was designed to be tightly integrated with Preactor’s scheduling solution. It uses Preactor’s database, & the data can be easily uploaded to an ERP system

Overview of Track-It functionality

1. Operator sees a color-coded view showing the current status of each machine

3. Operator can move job to the next state (start setup, start run, or complete) with one click

Operator can see notes from the Scheduler, and can also easily record quantity completed and scrapped with reason code and add further notes. Operators get warning messages when they make a mistake. Supervisors can easily review the daily transactions and fix mistakes.

2. Operator selects a machine to work on (single click)

4. Record downtime

Operators can record downtime on a machine with reason. This information can be updated into Preactor.

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