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APS Connect is a superset of tools developed by ATS Lean Scheduling designed to enhance the functionality & benefit of APS software. These tools have been fine-tuned & proven in implementations over the past 20 years. APS Connect integrates seamlessly with the Opcenter Planning & Scheduling solution. 

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What is APS Connect?

APS Connect is a superset of tools developed by ATS Lean Scheduling designed to enhance the functionality & benefit of Opcenter Planning & Scheduling software.

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  • Simplifies the integration process by using a standard set of staging tables
  • Includes pre-configured integration scripts for Opcenter APS
  • Reduces integration timeline & costs by gaining access to standard ERP scripts


  • Web-based, multi-user
  • Viewing/editing data before it hits Opcenter APS
  • Overriding data that may be different than ERP data (accounting-based run rates, resource groups, etc.)
  • Adding/storing data (attributes such as color, product type, material type, width, length, etc.) not available in other systems
  • Mass editing of data
  • Import/Export to other formats such as Excel

Data Validation

  • Set up repetitive validation of key data
  • Identify & address problems before they occur by highlighting items like missing run rates, missing quantities, invalid resources/dates, etc.
  • Create your own validation rules
  • Streamline the implementation process by giving you the tools to validate initial data loads
  • Reduce cost in the implementation process by putting you in control

Additional Tools Included with APS Connect


Snapshot is a visual tool allowing users to quickly conduct "What-If" analysis by comparing the impact of changes in the schedule to user-defined KPIs


Grid that expands the ability of the sequencer orders grid to allow inline editing, enhanced filtering, & drag/drop of operations in the grid

Drag/Drop Sequencing

Ability to drag & drop a single operation, and all subsequent operations are sequenced automatically; ability to highlight multiple operations and move simultaneously

Enhanced Reporting

Custom reports developed by LSI to improve visibility into key scheduling constraints, resource utilization & bottlenecks, and an in-depth supply/demand view

Event Script Actions to:

* Call stored procedures * Automate the 'Sequence All' process * Execute outside applications from within Opcenter APS * Automate sending of emails based on events within Opcenter APS * Force recalculation of operation times * Reset the terminator bar *

Custom SQL Views

A Quick Look at Some of the APS Connect Tools...

APS Connect Drag/Drop

Drag & Drop

When dragging a single operation, all subsequent operations move automatically, maintaining their sequence & scheduling logic.

Multi- Drag/Drop

Highlight multiple operations and move simultaneously.

APS Connect Multi-Drag/Drop
APS Connect SuperGrid


SuperGrid allows users to drag & drop operations within a grid-view, simultaneously updating the visual Gantt Chart.

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