Opcenter (Preactor) Scheduling

Siemens Opcenter Advanced Scheduling (formerly Preactor) software is an interactive, multi-constraint, finite capacity production scheduling system that provides support for decision making for overtime, order prioritization, production batches, due date negotiation, and order processing.

Interactive, multi-constraint, finite capacity manufacturing production scheduling...

Siemens Opcenter (Preactor) Advanced Scheduling software is an interactive, multi-constraint, finite capacity production scheduling system for manufacturers.  Availability of resources and additional constraints such as tooling and materials are all taken into consideration during scheduling to ensure an accurate model of your environment. Orders can be scheduled quickly using intelligent built-in rules, and the planner also has the ability to manually interact with the schedule to make changes based on their experience or new information, including drag-and-drop functionality.

Siemens Opcenter (Preactor) Advanced Scheduling provides decision making support for overtime, order prioritization, split production batches, due date negotiation, and order processing. 

There are currently three product levels for Siemens Opcenter (Preactor) Advanced Scheduling: AS Standard, AS Professional, & AS Ultimate. For a breakdown of each, please have a look at the video & comparison chart below.

Visualization of the sequencing gantt chart within Opcenter (Preactor) Advanced Scheduling

Opcenter Scheduling

Materials, tools, & operator constraints

Accurate & reliable production scheduling

Opcenter Scheduling

About Opcenter APS...


Schedules in minutes
Heuristic approach
Frequent reschedule
Deviation management
Quick problem detection


Schedules in minutes
Heuristic approach
Frequent reschedule
Deviation management
Quick problem detection


Schedules in minutes
Heuristic approach
Frequent reschedule
Deviation management
Quick problem detection


Configurable workspace
Flexible data structure
Full API (programming interface)
Integrated reporting tool
Unattended scheduling
Flexible sequencing by constraints


Integrates to your current systems
Solution evolves with your company
Part of a family of products
From Small/Mid-Size to Fortune 500

Adopted Worldwide

Technically superior
Seamless integration
Global support
Largest install base of any APS

Signs that Your company needs an APS solution

High WIP & Stocks

Low Productivity

Delays & Breaks

Missed Delivery Dates

Advanced Constraint Modeling (Professional)

Model advanced resource constraints, such as rules about concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints including limits on the time between operations and how much operation times can be extended.

Advanced Material Handling

Implement custom rules about how materials are consumed to ensure that sub-assemblies and raw materials are consumed according to business rules. When allocating materials, the system filters and ranks data to allow quality-related or customer-specific material usage constraints to be accounted for.

Development Environment (Ultimate)

Gives access to the full flexibilty possible. Database schema and constraint model can be altered as required, including adding tables and fields. Create custom scheduling rules to solve specific scheduling problems and custom data manipulation tools for use with the workflow engine.

Order Based Multi-Constraint Scheduling (Standard)

Create order based schedules and apply a ranking or weighting in order to prioritize orders. The software schedules based on availability of resources, additional constraints and materials required for the order. Create schedules taking into account different operation run speeds on different resources, use sequence dependent changeover times based on operation attributes, and allow overlaps and slack time between operations.

Advanced Schedule Optimization (Professional)

Define additional schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning. Composite rules can be built with the Preactor workflow tool.

Assembly Process Visualization (Professional)

Visualize the assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods and sales orders in the Material Explorer. This shows a graphical view of material dependencies as well as plots of stock levels over time. See where shortages will occur and choose to keep them as a constraint or ignore them.

Interactive Schedule Viewing (Ultimate Viewer)

Allows interaction with the schedule, but changes cannot be saved. Viewers can be used in the sales office to track the progress of orders and carry out order inquiries against a read-only copy of the published schedule. Management can use them to compare actual times with scheduled completion times to assess performance of the production process. Viewers can be used on a shop floor PC to provide the cell supervisor or machine operator with up-to-the-minute work-to-lists generated by the scheduling system.

Easily Integrated

No matter your ERP, Opcenter APS easily integrates with its built-in API...
Opcenter Scheduling In Action...

Opcenter APS Preferred Sequence

Opcenter APS Drag & Drop Functionality

Opcenter APS Calendaring

Some of our APS Clients...

Manufacturers of all sizes in all industries can use Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Expected Benefits...
1 %
reduction in raw material stock
1 %
increase in productivity
1 %
improvement in on-time delivery
1 %
reduction in WIP

Opcenter Scheduling
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