New Release: Opcenter APS 2404

Introducing Opcenter APS 2404: Advanced Planning and Scheduling

We are excited to announce the release of Opcenter APS version 2404, the latest upgrade in Siemens’ suite of advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions. Designed to optimize production schedules, increase operational efficiency, and enhance overall productivity, Opcenter APS version 2404 brings a host of new features and improvements to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing environments.

Key Features and Enhancements

1. New & Improved Scheduling Reports

Opcenter Scheduling comes with a set of reports to allow you to benefit from the improvements to the inbuilt report viewer. These reports support multi-select parameters, allowing them to be more intuitive and support multiple key performance indicator (KPI) queries. Each report has been updated to align with Siemens Digital Industries Software’s branding guidelines to give a more concise look and feel across the application.

2. Laboratory Scheduling Deployment Template

Scheduling across laboratory equipment has always been challenging. Opcenter APS 2404 provides a laboratory scheduling deployment template. This allows a simple deployment when there is a scheduling requirement for lab technicians to collaborate and schedule work with shared rooms and equipment.

The deployment templates allow multiple users to interact with a master scheduling plan simultaneously on a first-come, first-serve basis to maximize capacity.

3. Remaining Capacity Suspension

Opcenter Scheduling supports both primary and secondary resource types. Primary resources are typically used for modeling large equipment, while secondary resources are used for modeling tooling or labor.

Due to labor constraints based on shift pattern changes, Opcenter Scheduling must be able to handle scheduling when labor pools change across these shift patterns.

When enabled for a calendar shift period, the capacity availability is taken into consideration when scheduling an operation. Operations are suspended until there is free capacity to continue consuming the required constraint.

This allows jobs to be paused when operators are unavailable due to shift pattern changes without introducing large capacity gaps.

4. MOM Portfolio Integration Compatibility

Opcenter APS supports a range of integrations across the Opcenter manufacturing operations management (MOM) portfolio. This release supports compatibility with Opcenter Execution Discrete 2401, Opcenter Execution Process 2401, Opcenter Scheduling SMT 2404, Opcenter Research, Development and Laboratory (RD&L) and Siemens Digital Logistics AX4.

Introduction to Opcenter APS Version 2404

How to Get Started with Opcenter Planning & Scheduling 2404

To experience the benefits of Opcenter APS version 2404, contact our team for a demonstration or to schedule an upgrade. Our experts are ready to assist you with the process, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you unlock the full potential of the new features.

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