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What better way to explain something than to demonstrate it in a video? LSI’s team of analysts has put together a great set of informative videos about our solutions, including Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor Advanced Planning & Scheduling), CompliantPro QMS, and more. These videos are guaranteed to educate you about our solutions and show you valuable tips & tricks that will help you become more efficient!


APS vs ERP: What APS Does that ERP Does Not

ERP is a powerful tool and it does many things well, but… ERP was not designed for multi-constraint, finite capacity planning and scheduling that accurately reflects shop floor realities. That’s where APS comes in! This featured Opcenter APS (Preactor Advanced Planning & Scheduling) webinar focuses on the ways that APS enhances your ERP. In this session, LSI’s Hans Albright & Fraser Bonnett explain & demonstrate the limitations of ERP’s planning & scheduling modules by highlighting the capabilities of an APS solution, such as: consideration of constraints (tooling, labor, etc.), flexibility to model unique businesses (process, discrete, hybrid), resource capacity management, quick change response, what-if capabilities, corporate-wide visibility, incorporation of tribal knowledge, and more.

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APS & MES: Better Together for Full Operational Visibility

Availability of materials, fluctuations in demand, rising costs, labor shortages…

These are a daily threat to every manufacturer. How you manage & respond to these & other supply chain disruptions can greatly impact your efficiency and bottom line. To have the edge over your competition, it’s necessary to strategically plan & execute, then react quickly & intelligently to changes as they occur. But, without the right tools in place, you may find yourself quickly spiralling. With an integration of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) & Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions, proper planning, execution, and operational visibility throughout the manufacturing process are optimized.

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Solution Overviews

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ATS Lean Scheduling International is a proud Siemens Digital Industries Software partner, specializing in the implementation of Opcenter APS products, formerly known as Preactor Advanced Planning & Scheduling. 

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Opcenter Scheduling - Sequencing Rules

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Quite possibly the most commonly used sequencing option within Opcenter APS is the Forward by Due Date scheduling rule. This brief demonstration shows you how it works and how you can do it yourself.

Opcenter Scheduling - Functionality

Video Detail

This video gives an overview of Primary Calendars within Opcenter APS, taking a look at resource availability, efficiency, & how to adjust resource calendars using calendar states.

Opcenter Scheduling - Industry Specific

Opcenter Planning

Video Detail

In this video, we share with you how to adjust item parameters within Opcenter Planning (formerly Preactor Advanced Planning) to create accurate MPS calculations based on real shop floor capacity using primary & secondary constraint levels.

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Opcenter APS - Miscellaneous

Opcenter APS Product Features & Level Comparison

This video breaks down the key differences in features & benefits between the 3 available product levels within Opcenter Scheduling (formerly Preactor Advanced Scheduling): AS Standard, AS Professional, & AS Ultimate.

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Webinar Replay: Opcenter APS Tips, Tricks, & Pointers

In this webinar playback, we present to you how quickly & easily users are able to make necessary adjustments to the schedule when unexpected issues arise by walking through common scheduling “What If’s?” such as:
• What happens when orders must be expedited?
• What happens when machines go down?
• What happens when a PO gets delayed?
• What happens when our shop floor operators call in?

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