Production Planning & Scheduling

Rubber & Plastics Industries

Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor) is used widely in the Plastics and Rubber sectors. From a detailed scheduling perspective, getting an optimized sequence of batches onto machines based on resin types, color and other attributes can be important to getting the best productivity by reducing changeover time. Additional constraints such as tooling and setup staff can affect which orders can be processed at the same time and may also be important.


  • Auto Tires and Rubber Moldings
  • Door and Window Sections
  • Extruded plastic & Rubber Sheeting
  • Encapsulation Film
  • Fiberglass Moldings
  • Flexible Tubing, Hose and Pipes
  • Injection, Compression and Blow Molded Parts
  • Packaging Materials and Products
  • Plastic & Rubber Compounds
  • Signs & Engraving
  • Thermoformed Packaging
  • Washers, Grommets and Gaskets

Webinar: APS for Plastics

Demo: APS for Plastic Injection Molding

Opcenter (Preactor)
Advanced Planning
• What to make • When to make it • How much to make • Where to make it • Required materials & resources
Opcenter (Preactor)
Advanced Scheduling
• How best to make it • Sequencing • Synchronization • Priorities, constraints, & conflicts • Monitor execution & change
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