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LSI’s commitment to developing long term relationships with our customers is only achieved by providing first-class service from initial contact all the way to our post sales and service, looking after customer for many years. Indeed, our existing customers are a great source of referrals because they know first-hand how we operate as an organization and as people.

Featured LSI Case Studies

Koch Foods

Koch Foods is a leading poultry processor in the U.S., known for its commitment to producing high-quality products and providing service throughout poultry growing, manufacturing and distribution processes. Over the past 30 years, Koch Foods has grown from a small operation to one of the largest vertically integrated poultry processors in the country. By partnering with ATS Lean Scheduling to implement Opcenter Planning & Scheduling, Koch Foods gained a planning and scheduling solution that addressed its limitations and improved operational efficiency. The Opcenter APS modeling capabilities allowed Koch Foods to optimize production plans to consider allergens, setup requirements, shift patterns, machine capacity and material availability.

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Applied Composites

Applied Composites, founded in 1982, is a global leader in the composites industry, providing composite solutions for airframes, engines, defense and mission systems, launch vehicles and satellite structures. Overall, the company aims to strategically offer engineering services, programmatic support and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to customers in the aerospace and defense industries. Applied Composites has a long customer satisfaction history thanks to their focus on improving their processes to reduce time and costs..

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From humble origins in 1894 Vienna, Hoerbiger has grown to become a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology employing a global workforce of 7,600 and achieving sales of 950 million euro. Hoerbiger branched into North America in the 1960s and now has 23 service centers in addition to 2 manufacturing centers one in Houston, Texas and a larger facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. When the company with its commitment to delivering cutting edge solutions needed to upgrade its planning and scheduling capabilities, it found the perfect fit with Preactor and Lean Scheduling International.

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Samuel Strapping Systems

Samuel Strapping Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of steel and plastic strapping, hand tools, edge protection, stretch film equipment and consumables, as well as standard and custom engineered unitizing equipment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Samuel, Son & Co., the US Packaging company supplies products to virtually every industry from its 3 manufacturing facilities and 6 distribution centers. When its spreadsheet driven production planning and scheduling became overly stretched by the economic events of 2008, Samuel Strapping turned to Preactor from Lean Scheduling International to contain its planning and scheduling issues.

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Ahlstrom (formerly Thilmany)

In June of 2005, Kohlberg, LLC, purchased Thilmany Papers from International Paper (IP).  The acquisition included a pulp mill, two paper mills and a paper converting facility in the Green Bay, WI area. As part of the sale agreement, IP agreed to let the new company use the existing IP legacy business systems for an interim period. This meant that the new company would have to find replacements for almost every system including the SAP financials, Plant Maintenance, mainframe order entry and scheduling systems, shipping and invoicing. During assessment of integration, Thilmany’s legacy Manufacturing Execution System was selected for replacement as well.

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King Plastic

King Plastic Corporation has been developing and manufacturing quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes since 1968. Its industry-leading branded and commodity products are manufactured at the company’s state-of-the art, 150,000 square foot headquarters in North Port, Florida and distributed worldwide. King Plastic Corporation pioneered the first marine-grade polymer sheet, King StarBoard®, which remains the dominant brand in the marine industry today. Since then, King has produced dozens of breakthrough products for a wide variety of industries, from food service to signage to giant slabs weighing more than 6,000 pounds. King continues to raise the bar with new products, new production techniques and new standards of excellence.

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Chasco Machine

After years of making his employers successful, Jeff Roth’s wife convinced him that he should start his own business. Jeff mortgaged the house, purchased his first CNC machine, and started manufacturing high quality machine parts for the aerospace industry in his garage.  Jeff instinctively understood that to fulfill his dream to be the best he would have to deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, and he would need to build innovative processes and systems that supported his vision. By early 2007 Jeff had made unprecedented progress, but he was running into a new and difficult problem that his home grown system couldn’t handle. He was a victim of his own success. His sudden growth put him in a position where he was unable to keep his customers happy because he couldn’t deliver their orders on-time.

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Alstom Group

Alstom Group is a global leader in the world of power generation, rail infrastructure and electrical grid sector. Alstom Power Service provides a complete range of power generation services, support and equipment for demanding customers all over the world. Power Service’s extensive network of local facilities, experts and knowledge, stand ready to deliver the responsiveness and value that today’s electric power markets demand. They keep resources for the maintenance, update, and repair of every element of power operations. Alstom Croatia is a member of Alstom Group.

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As part of the Company’s modernization program, Nevamar sought to improve their information systems.  A key opportunity for improvement was to replace the company’s legacy press scheduling system which had been developed nearly 40 years ago. In the late nineties, much of the HP3000 system was replaced by a new ERP system which had been hastily implemented to address potential millennium issues. Although it had been designed specifically for the laminate industry, the HP3000-based scheduling system was manually intensive and inflexible. The only way that the scheduler could keep up with the daily workload was to start each day at 3:00AM.  Orders were grouped into press loads days and weeks in advance of their press date and once an order had been grouped it was difficult to make changes. 

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