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What's Best for the Client

Why We Are The Best

Over the last 25 years, LSI has seen many systems come and go. This has left a trail of unhappy customers who invested a significant amount of time and money on a production scheduling software that never actually worked for them.

Our deep software and industry expertise allow us to deliver APS solutions that address your specific planning and scheduling needs. By avoiding the numerous and expensive pitfalls that typically ruin most advanced planning & scheduling implementations, LSI helps you drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to realize measurable results while putting in place a growth platform that allows you to constantly improve and innovate.

With The Resources You Need...

ATS Lean Scheduling International is part of ATS Global, the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation. Since 1986, ATS has been undertaking continuous improvement initiatives and manufacturing IT solution design, deployment and 24/7 support assignments delivering tangible business value to customers world-wide.

A Proven Methodology

Explore What We Are Doing Better

LSI was founded by Mike Liddell and Dan Hahn in 2001 to help manufacturers adopt and succeed in the implementation of innovative Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software solutions. Combining their skills, Mike and Dan created and perfected a unique process designed to take manufacturers from a typical but flawed ERP planning and scheduling to a process that is driven by customer demand while delivering on exceptional customer service.

LSI not only helps clients select the right solution, we also help them implement technology and get more from their investment by implementing better business processes in ways that extract its full potential throughout the production manufacturing workflow.

The People

Meet The Leadership Team

Mike Liddell


Mike Liddell has over 40 years working within the manufacturing industry. In the beginning he started as an ERP consultant but soon realized that many companies were facing severe scheduling limitations with no workable solution. Combining his passion and expertise, Mike and Dan developed a unique, proprietary methodology to implement APS solutions that delivers better results in a shorter timeframe.

Mike is the highly respected author of an international book titled “The Little Blue Book on Scheduling” and has written numerous published articles explaining why companies need APS, the implementation process, and how to avoid making critical mistakes.

Dan Hahn

Senior Managing Partner

Dan Hahn has over 20 years working in retail and manufacturing technologies, including system selection, project management, implementation and development. Prior to founding LSI with Mike, Dan achieved numerous accomplishments and client successes including reducing a major manufacturer’s inventory by $20million with a 40% reduction in manual effort.

Hans Albright

VP Sales & Marketing

Hans Albright joined LSI in 2017 and has 30 years of experience in manufacturing, including 5 years spent scheduling two plants in the Print and Packaging Industry. He has spent the last 20 of these years both implementing and selling large ERP systems. Hans brings his real-world manufacturing and consulting experience to his business development approach. He has a long history of and commitment to partnering with clients to insure long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships. 

Why LSI?

The 3-Legged Stool Strategy

The difference between implementing and building an APS solution that can give you a permanent strategic advantage is NIGHT and DAY. LSI knows with absolute certainty, the only way to achieve meaningful results implementing a successful planning & scheduling solution is to adopt a three-legged stool strategy. Unless you take time to ensure all three legs are firmly in place, your APS solution will give you only minimal benefits.


The Right Software

The first step is having the right solution for your needs. With 25+ years of experience, we’ve seen it all and know what works best.


The Right Partner

It’s vitally important to have the right implementation partner. LSI has more APS experience than anyone else in North America .


The Right People & level of Commitment

This is you and your team. Without your team committed to a successful implementation, there is no viable solution.

A Process that Works

While no two advanced planning & scheduling software solution implementations are exactly the same, we have a proven process for working with clients. Find out more about this process and how we work with you.

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