LSI Gains New Strategic Partner in IDOM

We, at Lean Scheduling International, have worked closely with our clients for over 25 years, implementing Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solutions. Part of our proven methodology is doing deep-dive consultative assessments that get to the root of those headaches plaguing the client. While our assessments focus primarily on the production planning & scheduling needs of the client, it never fails that we uncover many needs that are simply out of our scope & expertise. Needs like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) & Material Requirements Planning solutions (MRP) are at the top of that list. This happens because APS is tightly integrated with other systems such as these. To better help our clients address some of these other needs, LSI is proud to announce a strategic partnership with IDOM.

IDOM is an independent, multinational company that offers professional integrated services in Consulting, Engineering, and Architecture around the world.  IDOM has locations in Minneapolis & Atlanta and works with an expanding list of consumer and industrial clients who participate in sectors such as packaging, food & beverage, furniture, and metals, among many others. IDOM provides consultation, definition, design, systems integration, and implementation services for Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing Systems Software solutions.

“We are truly excited about this opportunity to work with IDOM,” says Dan Hahn, LSI Senior Partner. “We have clients that need solutions like MES & MRP, and they have clients that need Advanced Planning & Scheduling. Because of the experience of both LSI & IDOM in our specialized areas of expertise, this partnership is a no-brainer. Both company’s clients will benefit greatly from this collaboration.”

“We are excited and honored to be working with LSI,” says Marco Busatto, Managing Director Ind.4.0 at IDOM. “LSI brings a tremendous breadth of experience in APS and in many manufacturing sectors where IDOM has also been deeply involved. Our combined knowledge of Business Processes, Advanced Technologies in the MOM space, and Project Management in complex IT/OT projects, brings to both of our existing and prospective clients an unparalleled level of expertise. In addition, IDOM’s global presence offers the possibility to implement such solutions in Europe, MENA, LATAM and APAC.”

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