LSI Team Member Spotlight: Hans Albright

Hans Albright
VP Sales & Marketing
We recently sat down with Lean Scheduling International‘s own Hans Albright to get to know him a little better in this edition of LSI’s Team Member Spotlight. We hope you enjoy these highlights from our chat!

Q: Hans, you live in Florida now, but where are you from originally? A: I’m from a small college town in Ohio – Wooster. It is 50 miles from Cleveland and about 15 minutes to the nearest Amish farms. Lots of Amish, old order Mennonite and Brethren nearby, and in fact my heritage stems from those groups.   

Q: What do you do for LSI?
A: I’m the VP of Sales and Marketing. My job is to find and bring new clients to LSI.  

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
A: Two things: Working for a company that has a high level of integrity and is focused on customers first, followed closely by working with software that really works well and delivers what we promise in the sales process. I believe in consultative selling that focuses on the needs of the client.   

Q: What did you do before LSI?
A: I worked in printing and packaging for many years. I was a scheduler in a packaging company in North Carolina in the mid 90’s. I was recruited out of that position in order to do software consulting for the packaging industry in early 2000’s. I worked as a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant for 12 years and a Technical Sales Specialist for 5 years before joining LSI. That whole timeline started in 1989. I’ve been at this a while.  

Q: Let’s get a bit personal… Do you have any hobbies?
A: I love to garden and cook. My mom grew up Mennonite, and if you know Mennonite cooking, you’ll understand where I got that from. I know the tricks to make a killer apple pie.
Q: Do you mind telling us a bit about your family?
A: I’ve been married since 1985 to Terry Owens, who is a chaplain at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St Pete, FL. We have a son Nathan, and daughter Katrina. My son lives in New York City where he writes and does work focused on social justice issues, homelessness and environmental issues – largely from a spiritual perspective. My Daughter Lives in LA and is a screenwriter, currently working as Executive Story Editor for a new Apple TV show starring Elizabeth Moss that will be released next year. She and my son collaborate on a lot of writing and social justice projects. We also have an insanely friendly 14 year old cat Sid, named for Sid Vicious.
That’s awesome, Hans! It sounds like you are a proud husband & father. And your picture with Sid is great!
Q: So, what do you do to relax & unwind?
A: I jog 4 miles every morning as the sun is rising and meditate at night.
Q: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A: Too many to choose from! I love to do the kind of travel where you get to know locals and experience what is happening outside the tourist areas.
Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A: Getting married about 8 months after meeting my wife. No regrets.
Q: Tell us the best advice you’ve ever received…
A: My late dad said his whole life to do the kind of work that is fun for you and you’ll never have to work again.
Q: We always like to end with this question…  how do you define success?
A: A life well lived, with friends, integrity and no regrets.
Thank you, Hans, for letting us behind the curtain!

If ever you have any questions about any products or services that we provide, feel free to reach out directly to Hans at [email protected]
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