WHAT’S NEW: Opcenter (Preactor) APS v18

The latest version of Siemens Opcenter (formerly Preactor) Advanced Planning & Scheduling has been released with version 18! Here’s what you’ll gain with your upgrade:

• New Siemens Opcenter APS product branding
• Additional APIs for interacting with advanced highlight and filtering tools
• Extended Siemens Opcenter Scheduling Anywhere upload to include facility information
• Compatible with Siemens Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.0 and 3.1

• API for interacting with advanced highlighting and filtering results
• Facility definition with Siemens Opcenter Scheduling upload facility
• Supports integrations to Siemens Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.1 and Valor® Production Plan 14.1

Siemens Opcenter APS (formerly known as Preactor APS) software is a family of production planning and scheduling products that improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes, giving you greater visibility and control and enabling you to increase resource utilization and on-time delivery while reducing inventory levels and waste. Siemens Opcenter APS is a highly customizable capacity planning and scheduling package.

Preactor APS becomes Siemens Opcenter APS
Preactor APS becomes Siemens Opcenter APS with release 18, with aligned icons and desktop.

Siemens Opcenter APS 18 comes with an updated look and feel, which aligns
the product with the Opcenter portfolio. The updated look and feel comes with
new icons throughout the product, along with a new color theme.

Additional APIs for advanced highlight and filtering tools
Additional application programming interfaces (APIs) have been added to the already extensive API library of Siemens Opcenter APS, allowing extensions to be implemented with ease.

Siemens Opcenter Scheduling Anywhere facility upload support
Siemens Opcenter Scheduling Anywhere upload now supports the ability to define a facility name, allowing users to separate facility uploads for multiple sites.

Integration with Siemens Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.0 & 3.1
Available only for Siemens Opcenter Scheduling (Siemens Opcenter SC) Ultimate, Siemens Opcenter SC integrates
with Siemens Opcenter Execution Discrete with an out-of-thebox integration between the manufacturing
execution system (MES) and advanced planning and scheduling.

Integration with Valor Production Plan 14.0 and 14.1
Valor Production Plan software creates an easy-to-use yet comprehensive model that allows you to simulate your production process including all surface mount technology (SMT) and manual stations. You can set optimization parameters such as due date, production time and changeover that enable
you to make intelligent choices between given plans that fit your exact needs to meet deadlines and avoid downtime.

Siemens Opcenter Scheduling Ultimate now includes out-of-the-box integration with Valor Production Plan 14.0 and 14.1.
Valor Production Plan directly interacts with work order, resource and calendar information from within Siemens Opcenter APS to provide optimized sequencing of SMT operations.

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