Opcenter Production Scheduling Case Study: Applied Composites

🌟 New Opcenter Production Scheduling Case Study featuring Applied Composites! 🌟

We are thrilled to share with you our latest Opcenter Production Scheduling success story featuring Applied Composites, a global leader in the aerospace composites industry. In this enlightening case study, we delve into a vital piece of Applied Composites’ digital transformation journey, which revolutionized their production processes. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this collaboration and witness firsthand the remarkable impact on scheduling precision, resource optimization, and overall productivity.

🔍 Case Study Overview

Applied Composites, founded in 1982, is a global leader in the composites industry, providing composite solutions for air-frames, engines, defense and mission systems, launch vehicles and satellite structures. The company aims to strategically offer engineering services, programmatic support and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to customers in the aerospace and defense industries. Applied Composites has a long customer satisfaction history thanks to their focus on improving their processes to reduce time and costs. However, as Applied Composites grew, they noticed issues regarding planning, scheduling and their overall processes.

🚀 The Opcenter APS Advantage

Opcenter Planning & Scheduling is a highly configurable software solution by Siemens, designed to tackle the most intricate production challenges. Through a tailored approach, we worked closely with Applied Composites to implement a holistic solution that addressed their unique requirements. Here are the key takeaways:

🌐 Business Challenges:

  • Improve capacity planning & scheduling processes
  • Improve product visibility as the company grows
  • Create a calm, organized work environment

Keys to Success:

  • Use Opcenter Scheduling to streamline planning & scheduling processes
  • Use labor & tooling constraints throughout the manufacturing process

📈 Results:

  • Achieved on-time delivery on average 96 to 98 percent of the time
  • Reduced scheduling time from hours to minutes
  • Improved shop floor decision-making

📩 Get in Touch
We invite you to read the full case study through the link above and discover how Opcenter Planning & Scheduling transformed Applied Composites’ operational efficiency. Then, reach out directly if you’re interested in learning more about this case study or exploring how Opcenter Planning & Scheduling could elevate your organization’s performance.

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