NOW Available: Opcenter APS v18.5!

The latest version of Opcenter APS is now available! Siemens Digital Industries Software recently released Opcenter Planning & Scheduling v18.5, providing users improved features and functionality. Check out what’s new!


  • Increases flexibility when complex labor pool modeling is required
  • Provides a new API method to trigger the extraction of data for reporting
  • Provides the ability to model labor shift plans in more detail
  • Facilitates ability to receive shop floor information in Opcenter Planning (AP)
  • Provides out-of-the-box experience with Opcenter APS Anywhere
  • Delivers improved KPI support
  • Secondary constraints over off-shift periods

Opcenter APS v18.5 Highlights

Secondary constraints over off-shift periods

This release supports the ability to define a period when a secondary constraint that be can be spanned by an operation consuming the constraint will not be available. This facilitates the ability to have more detailed constraint calendars; for example, when you wish to model operator/labor pools and model short breaks.
A new calendar period setting called “span off shift” has been introduced and can be assigned to a template or an exception. Previously, when modeling constraint periods, if you were assigning a small break with a quantity of zero, the operation would not span. The operation would have to fix within a period when there was full avalibiity of the constraint for the duration of the operation.

Actual schedule data import in Opcenter Planning

Actual schedule data within Opcenter Planning is used when calculating master production schedule (MPS) data within the planner. Actual schedule contains data that is usually represented on the shop floor and uses Opcenter Scheduling. It is used to portray quantities produced for certain dates to reflect future planning of an item.
Actual schedule data is used in a variety of ways depending on the scenario, so the following options have been introduced to allow flexibility in calculating when Actual schedule data is present.

Opcenter APS Anywhere – Viewer

Opcenter APS Anywhere Viewer is now enabled by default across the Opcenter Scheduling product range. Opcenter APS Anywhere Viewer is a separate subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) application.

Schedule Analysis Data

With the increase in demand for reporting on Opcenter Scheduling data outside of the application, the ability to extract the schedule analysis data has been expanded.
The event script processor (PESP) action has been extended to include the ability to pass the same parameters as you see in the settings dialog for the utilization grid.
A new API method to trigger the extraction of data has also been introduced.

For more information and to have a look at the other added features and benefits, check out the official Opcenter APS v18.5 Release Flyer!

Let us assist you with your upgrade! To schedule your upgrade or to speak to someone that can answer your questions, email us at [email protected].

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