Production Planning & Scheduling

Aerospace & Defense Industries

Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor) is used by many companies in the Aerospace & Defense sectors, from manufacturers of parts and assemblies to the OEMS themselves. This sector is typically categorized by small batch sizes but very complex routing and material requirements.

For component suppliers, the ability to manage the production efficiently and maintain high levels of service is a priority.

Maintaining synchronisation of production between the main assembly area and feeder lines is often the focus for the OEMs.


  • Aerospace Components and Assemblies
  • Aerospace Couplings
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Aircraft Landing Gear and Components
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Structures and Sub-assemblies
  • Airplane Fuselage Sections
  • Engine Refurbishment
  • Engine Repair & Overhaul
  • Helicopters
  • Rocket Motors
Opcenter (Preactor)
Advanced Planning
• What to make • When to make it • How much to make • Where to make it • Required materials & resources
Opcenter (Preactor)
Advanced Scheduling
• How best to make it • Sequencing • Synchronization • Priorities, constraints, & conflicts • Monitor execution & change
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