Why Planners Choose Preactor & LSI

Over 25 Years of APS Experience

Planners... Sound Familiar?

  • We have too much inventory
  • We are losing orders because we never seem to have the right stock on hand
  • We tie up our capacity making the wrong stuff
  • It takes us too long to react when demand changes
  • My planning system does not consider supply from my short-term schedule
  • We never have the right raw materials on hand
  • Our planning system does not consider capacity constraints
  • We are planning in monthly or weekly buckets, but demand is changing every day
  • Our planning system does not consider shelf life
  • Our forecasting system is flawed

LSI can help you solve these and other concerns by helping you find the right product for your company!

Finding the Right Planning Solution

Unlike scheduling, planning can be done in an ERP system. In some cases, this may not be a problem, but if you are facing a volatile demand pattern and you need to consider the capacity constraints of your manufacturing facilities, you may need a better solution.

Preactor is a highly interactive and graphical tool that was developed for fast moving industries. The key benefit is being able to determine what your customers need and when they will need it. Having a planning solution that helps you react quickly to volatile demand patterns gives you a significant edge.

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