Preactor Products


In 2001, LSI looked at all the APS systems on the market and decided we would invest our future with Preactor as it was clearly built on technology that is focused on giving you the ability to accurately modeling your real-world constraints. We took this decision very seriously as it would not only impact our success but the success of every one of our clients.

Although Preactor provides great functionality out of the box, its real power is that it is a complete tool set for building scheduling solutions. Like a Lego set it can be used to build your own unique scheduling solution which is what sets it apart from other APS solutions.

If you are satisfied with a mediocre production scheduling solution, then there is no need to choose Preactor but if your intent is to create a scheduling solution that delivers immediate results while laying the groundwork for unlimited future improvements and innovation then you need Preactor.

Algorithmic Sequencing vs. Heuristics Rules

It is not always easy for others to understand what makes Preactor work when other systems don’t but Preactor’s approach is fundamentally different. Most of the systems being offered today are based on algorithmic sequencing (optimization) techniques. Although Preactor can use algorithmic sequencing, it is primarily based on heuristics (rules) and it does not claim to “optimize” your schedule. Optimizing sounds wonderful but, in most cases, it is totally unrealistic and leads to disaster. The difference may sound insignificant but having the ability to build your tribal knowledge into your scheduling solution is what allows you to take what has worked for you and just automate it. In a nutshell, this is what makes Preactor work in the real world.

Another dose of reality is that in our 20+ years of experience we have seen that it is almost impossible to identify all your scheduling requirements before you start your APS project. APS solutions built on algorithmic sequencing can be severely limiting and may not be able to replicate your needs. This means that even if your changes are possible (and they often aren’t) the developer is the only one who can make them. You are then at the mercy of the developer. Since Preactor is built with heuristics (rules), there is no need to involve the developer as you have complete control of the way the system behaves.

Preactor - Choice of Leading ERP Systems

Today Preactor is being used by manufacturers who have ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics, Syspro, Epicor and Sage which means that none of these developers have been able to create a scheduling system that produces the results that Preactor delivers. Given the resources at the disposal of these companies, this is a powerful validation of Preactor’s unique technology.

Preactor Provides a Platform for Continuous Improvement

Preactor Supported by Siemens

Preactor’s strong position as the world’s most successful APS solution attracted the attention of Siemens who wanted to fill a gap in their world class factory automation product offering. In June of 2013 Siemens successfully acquired Preactor with the commitment to invest heavily to keep Preactor as the world’s leading APS solution. It really is that simple.

We are always evaluating Preactor and other APS solutions

Despite our success with Preactor, we still take the time to evaluate new APS solutions every year, so you don’t have to. It is true that there are many APS systems that demo beautifully but when exposed to real world issues most of them quickly crumble leaving their clients confused and demoralized with no path to recoup the time and money, they spent trying to make it work. LSI is your resource to learn more first.