Advanced Planning & Scheduling by Lean Scheduling International (LSI)

Lean Scheduling International (LSI) is an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) company with multiple offices in the USA and Europe. For over 20 years we have been helping some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers react faster and smarter to change by custom configuration and integration of APS software with their existing ERP solution. We are currently Preactor’s fastest growing reseller worldwide of the Scheduling software.

Our easily integrated APS software solution is used by 4500 companies worldwide and works in conjunction with all major ERP systems. Clients have reported that they now have almost Zero Late Deliveries with a reduction of 50% in inventory. Don't take our word for it, speak to our customers!

We create AMAZING Scheduling Solutions for our customers!

To be Amazing, your scheduling solution must deliver benefits that far exceed the user’s wildest expectations.

Although every scheduling solution is unique, the fundamentals of amazing scheduling solutions are always the same;

  • Simple – Your scheduling solution must be able to automate your complex processes and make them easy to understand.

  • Fast - Your scheduling solution must do in minutes what used to take you hours and/or days because speed gives you have a clear advantage

  • Smart – Your scheduling solution must be able to provide you with the information you need to make smart scheduling decisions.

  • Accurate – Your scheduling solution must be able to replicate your tribal knowledge so that it makes sense to your operators.

  • Visible – your scheduling solution needs to provide management with data they don’t currently have so they can understand cause and effect and identify problems long before they happen

You Need a Scheduling Strategy
– Your scheduling strategy will always be unique to your company and it must support your strategic direction. Attempting to resolve your scheduling problems without a clearly defined vision is usually futile. Your scheduling strategy should include the following;

  • A full understanding of your current weaknesses and their implications

  • A full understanding of your objectives

  • A realistic vision of what success will (and won’t) look like

  • An understanding of the critical APS software requirements

  • A step by step outline of what it will take to achieve success

  • A realistic understanding of the timeline and the benefits of each step

You Need a Scheduling Partner
– Your Scheduling Partner is the most critical element of your journey to Amazing. Selecting the wrong partner will have a disastrous impact on your short-term and more importantly your long-term success. Your scheduling partner should have the following capabilities;

  • A proven track record of successfully implementing APS solutions (Hint: If your scheduling partner is learning on the job then you will almost certainly fail.

  • Your strategic partner must not only be able to understand manufacturing, your objectives and your business, they must be there to guide you every step of the way.

  • Your scheduling partner should be able to break down complex issues with innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

  • Improved on-time deliveries - attracts and keeps key customers

  • Reduced dependence on key people – undocumented tribal knowledge

  • Reduced Inventories - WIP & Cycle time

  • Elimination of confusion – reduces manual expediting and conflicting priorities

  • Improved Revenues and Profitability – increased demand, attracting new customers, reduced overtime, improved productivity and increased revenues

APS & GMPS and their interaction with ERP/MRP

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