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LSIí»s commitment to developing long term relationships with our customers is only achieved by providing first-class service from initial contact all the way to our post sales and service, looking after customer for many years. Indeed, our existing customers are a great source of referrals because they know first-hand how we operate as an organization and as people.

Post-Sales Support

Our post-sales support service ensures you have the necessary help and guidance when needed. Our Advanced Planning and Scheduling Support team are highly trained supporting Preactor software and its implementation process.

You can purchase Customer Support hours based on anticipated needs. Your experienced LSI APS consultant will be able to guide you on a recommendation of the number of hours required.
Support services include:

  • Telephone Customer Support
  • Remote Operator Support
  • Fast Track User Training
  • Advanced Configuration Training courses
  • Apps Training
  • New Features / Modifications
  • Preactor Software Upgrades


Call our Support Line: 941-256-0376 (Ext. 2)

Email Support: support @ lean-scheduling . com

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