Preactor Snapshot. Sold via LSI USASnapshot is a dashboard tool that makes Preactor more flexible by taking the power of Preactor and allowing the user to visualize the results of their actions. Snapshot allows users to identify key indicators and show them as the Preactor schedule changes, to see if different rules and different actions reflect positively or negatively on the Preactor schedule.
When a "snapshot" is taken, the current baseline indicator levels are recorded. As the new scheduling rules are applied, or other changes to the schedule are made, the results are instantly displayed. The baseline results are shown below them(or as a red needle in the dashboard view) for easy comparison between the baseline and the current results.
Indicators are highlighted in red, yellow, or green based on the user defined parameters.

Or the results can also be viewed in a dashboard format:

Because Snapshot was built specifically for Preactor, and is integrated directly into the Preactor Sequencer screen, it provides real time feedback as the schedule is changed.
The professional version of Snapshot is fully user configurable.

An unlimited number of Indicator sets, Indicators, Indicator types, Time windows, and operation filters can be produced.

Snapshot Express is a free version of Snapshot that comes with a limited set of indicators, and does not allow user configuration. Use Snapshot Express to get a feel for Snapshot, and to see just how easy it is to install and setup Snapshot in your Preactor model. Click here to Download Snapshot to get the latest version of Snapshot now.