If you are responsible for creating accurate forecasts then you probably already know why you need a professional forecasting tool. At LSI we recommend Forecast Pro for three reasons:
1) You have full control of the way you forecast
2) You have full control of the way you present the results
3) Your data can be easily integrated with Preactor’s powerful planning and scheduling modules

Fast easy forecasting with Forecast Pro:

  • Integrates with any ERP system
  • Powerful out of the box functionality
  • Automatically analyzes historical data using proven forecasting techniques
  • Provides for collaboration
  • Easily document and save changes
  • Customizable reports and graphs

With Forecast Pro, you provide the historic data for the items you are forecasting and Forecast Pro does the rest.

The built-in expert selection mode analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique and calculates the forecasts using proven statistical methods.
You can collaborate with colleagues to make adjustments to the statistical forecasts and easily document and save the changes.
Forecast Pro generates the customizable reports and graphs you need to make convincing presentations to management.
Automating your forecasting and integrating your forecast results with Preactor’s planning and scheduling systems is easy with Forecast Pro.
There are 4 versions of Forecast: Forecast Pro, Forecast Pro Unlimited, Forecast Trac & Forecast XE. Each version is suited to a particular organisational size and desired feature list. Speak to an LSI Consultant for more information and a recommendation for your particular circumstances.