Although Forecast Pro XE uses the same underlying forecasting methodologies found in Forecast Pro Unlimited and Forecast Pro TRAC, it is a very different solution. Forecast Pro XE is a desktop analysis tool designed for use by individuals who are forecasting less than 100 items and whose primary goal is to generate accurate statistically based forecasts (as opposed to manipulating the forecasts after they are generated). It is the only version of Forecast Pro that includes dynamic regression modeling and it also provides more detailed custom modeling options and diagnostic displays than other versions of Forecast Pro.

Create Accurate Forecasts Quickly and Easily

Designed to be flexible, Forecast Pro XE is a standalone analytic tool that combines proven methods for creating accurate forecasts with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Add Your Business Knowledge

We know how important adding judgment to “baseline” statistical forecasts can be for increasing forecast accuracy, so we’ve designed Forecast Pro XE to enable you to easily create, view and retain overrides. You have the flexibility to override your baseline forecasts by making adjustments to single points, ranges or totals, using percentages, increments or by simply entering new values.
When you make changes to the baseline forecast on either the graph or in the companion spreadsheet-like display, the Override Row displays the adjustments which can be saved and loaded into future forecasts without the need for re-keying. If you’ve defined a multiple-level hierarchy, adjusting a value at any given level will automatically adjust all appropriate levels.

Make Convincing Presentations

With Forecast Pro XE, you can create dazzling, presentation-quality reports in seconds. Four professionally-designed standardized report formats are included as well as a custom reporting option for maximum flexibility. You can graph your results on a time series or year-over-year basis, choose from several eye-catching formats including 3-D lines and 3-D columns and save your reports directly to Excel.

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