Why Schedulers choose Preactor for their Production Scheduling needs

Why Schedulers Choose Preactor

“The success of Preactor has had an enormous impact on our ability to service our customers and support the strong growth in revenues we have experienced over the last few years.”
- Tim Dietzler, Scheduling Manager at Coating Excellence International.

For almost 25 years we have been working closely with Schedulers in the US and Europe. Below is a list of typical frustrations and concerns that, amazingly enough, has not changed over the years.

Check the list below to see if you have any of these issues:NEED HELP scheduling solutions Production Scheduling

  • Management does not understand what I do.
  • Even if I work 12 hour days, I cannot keep up-to-date with all the changes
  • Because it takes me all day to up-date the schedule, it is always out of date
  • I have no way of seeing the impact on other orders when I put through a rush job
  • I spend most of my day talking to customer service and expediting orders
  • Management is not happy because customers never know an order is going to be late until the day they are supposed to get it.
  • Too many people are making changes to the schedule
  • Even if I do a schedule, operators in the shop do whatever they want

Finding the right Scheduling Solution:

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of scheduling solutions on the market and despite the fact that all of these scheduling solutions demo well, the reality is that most of these solutions simply don’t work in the real world.

As a scheduler in Manufacturing, you understand that what you do is not easy. You know that the devil is in the details. If you are going to automate the Production Schedule then it must take into consideration what we call tribal knowledge. All your years of manufacturing experience tell you that this tribal knowledge is what makes your plant work and if you ignore it, the system will be a disaster.

As a Production Scheduler in manufacturing you want a solution that is smart, fast and easy to use. To get there you need someone who speaks your language, someone who understands your world and someone who can take care of the details so you don’t have to. Preactor gives you the best of both worlds. It will crunch the numbers for you but it also gives you the tools to fine tune the Production Schedule based on your experience.

Building amazing Production Scheduling Solutions that allow you to do in minutes what used to take you hours cannot be done by just buying the right software. Fitting the software to model your unique requirements requires a special type of expertise.

The only way to be sure is to talk at some detail with a reference that has successfully implemented the software in a similar environment if possible. This usually eliminates the so called experts and academics that can talk a good game but can’t actually deliver on their promise.

For more information please contact us for a more indepth discussion and also feel free to request a copy of Mike Liddell's book ' The Little blue book on Scheduling"

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