Why Executives choose Preactor for Planning and Scheduling

Why Executives choose Preactor

“The LSI team has worked hard to understand our business and to create a scheduling solution that allows us to schedule the way we need to schedule to run our unique business.”
- Leigh Sargent Founder of Applied Composites Engineering

“Because our extruding department has so many complexities, not everyone believed we would be able to accurately automate our scheduling process. However the LSI team worked tirelessly with our schedulers and the results have been spectacular. We have grown the business while reducing costs by eliminating manual effort and removing confusion. Even more importantly, we have improved our customer service and our bottom line.”
- Michael Conway CFO at Summit Packaging

Based on our experience, the types of problems caused by poor scheduling have not changed in the last 25 years.
Check below to see if you have these types of problems which are usually caused by poor scheduling:

  • Too many late orders
  • No clear visibility of the backlog at any moment in time
  • Too much money spent on overtime
  • Losing key clients because of poor customer service
  • Losing business because of long lead times
  • Too much confusion
  • Too much money spent on expediters
  • Unable to expand without increasing overhead
  • Unable to expand because of too much confusion

Why you need a Strategic Scheduling Partner:

The root cause for poor scheduling is that most executives don’t understand why their high priced ERP systems can’t do scheduling. Sadly, in many cases, nobody wants to tell their executives that they are still using Excel for scheduling. (For more on this please read The Little Blue Book on Scheduling). ERP systems do not have the technology required to manage finite capacity and time and even if they did it is highly unlikely that ERP vendors would have the expertise required to make it work.

Going from a manual system (such as Excel) to a fully automated, high powered scheduling solution is challenging and it usually takes some time. Most companies fail miserably because they try to do too much, too soon. LSI understands that nothing succeeds like success so we typically make it easy for you to get an immediate return on your investment. LSI’s strategy is designed to focus on getting the basics right while simultaneously laying the building blocks for future growth and enhancements.

This approach typically allows LSI to get a better understanding of your business and how it works at the detail level. We believe that the commitment by both parties to this process is what makes it possible to create the types of innovative solutions that have made our customers industry leaders over the last 10 years.

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