Lean Scheduling International and Quinn & Associates announce the planned merger of their Preactor Business Units

Bradenton, FL, Release:  September 7, 2018.  

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Lean Scheduling International (LSI) and Quinn & Associates have announced today the planned merger of their Preactor business operations. The merged business which will operate under the LSI brand, brings together the experience and expertise of the two largest Preactor resellers in North America. LSI, founded in 2001, is a Siemens partner dedicated to providing sales, implementation and customization services to manufacturers who use Preactor’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. Dan Hahn, one of the two founders and President of LSI commented that “Quinn & Associates brings expertise in the electronics, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and heavy equipment industries complementing LSI’s expertise in the food, plastics, aerospace, paper and packaging industries. Having such a broad level of expertise under one roof makes it very attractive for companies who don’t want to deal with and train consultants in the basics of their industry”. The expanded business will serve over 200 manufacturers based in North America, South America and Europe.   More information about the software products offered by LSI can be found at the company website: http://www.lean-scheduling.com Contact info: Company: LSI

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